Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Butter Prawn Tomyam

Okay...!! My first posting on food.. with pictures .. Let see the ingredients -

  • Udang sederhana atau besar
  • Butter ( 250 gram butter untuk 1 kg udang)
  • Telur (putih telur untuk menyenangkan tepung melekat pada udang)
  • Tepung jagung / tempura / kfc
  • Bawang besar dipotong dadu (guna 2/3 bawang besar untuk 1 kg udang)
  • Cili padi dipotong (jumlah ikut kesukaan)
  • Pes / kiub tomyam secukup rasa
  • Minyak untuk menggoreng     
  • Daun bawang/sup                                              

Bersihkan udang dan gaul dengan putih telur
 Gaul udang dengan tepung

Goreng udang yang telah digaul tepung tadi - angkat dan tos

Cairkan butter, masukkan bawang dan cili .. dan pes/kiub tom yam

Masukkan udang yang digoreng tadi dan gaul rata, kemudian tabur daun bawang/sup dan angkat - sedap dimakan panas dengan nasi putih..!!
Bon apetit.!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Life is an they say..

"Life is like an onion, you peel off one layer at a time...and sometimes you weep.." Profound? Or just a cliche..? Don't know who said it first but sometimes it really hits the nail on the head...

It's been close to a year since i first reported for duty in Kota Bharu..lots of things have happened ..water under the bridge, as they say. I've adapted for the most part, to the flow of life here. One good thing that has happened here is that I found myself having more time to do other things (besides work) that I've always wanted to before but just couldn't find the time for!!

Heyy..I'm a regular martha stewart junior okay..!! ;-) Never baked anything before, let alone taking on sophisticated recipes... Well, thanx to blogs like tiffinbiru.blogspot and  videos from joyofbaking, I'm getting quite good at this baking stuff... I think I'm going to post more on baking and cooking with step by step pics on cakes, cookies and dishes that I'm making just to share my negligible knowledge with friends.. 

Here's some pics of cakes and cookies I've tried....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kelantan - my journey so far....

It's been more than 3 months since i first reported for duty in Kota Bharu. It feels like a year have pass.....what did that tell you? So many things have happened ... my feelings have been up and down so many times.... in such a short time since I've been here....I'm feeling old.... and that is not a good thing...

My relationship with the hubby has entered a new level of trials and tribulations... Never have i feel so tested..!! Diuji begitu hebat that i feel so down and almost give up... I've even thought about giving up many times.... But reality sets in.....and I am trying to live my life with that reality everyday...

God is great...and humans, being human always thought things would go as they plan...but it never really does....because God have different plans for us.... and only when we are severely tested, would we be close to least that's the way it is for me... When i feel like there's no one out there for me... Allah is there....and the conviction in my belief..would always support me and carry me through...

They always say marriage is not easy... but you will never understand the meaning of that phrase until you are in the thick of it... and now i understand why some women would prefer to stay married despite problems they faced, they persevere....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Change is the only constant thing in life..

Another transfer....This time farther away than before ..maybe not in terms of distance.. Sarawak is further away, but certainly in terms of traveling time back to my father's house. It's a smaller state, but definitely with more challenges.

Kelantan....looking for a house is's also the monsoon season, it would be terrible if Kota Bharu is flooded... The water woes... I can't believe at first that people had to buy a pump-engine to pump water from the pipes..!!! Not to mention having to pump water from boring wells - where sometimes you'll get yellowish, smelly water..... Why can't they just vote BN for one lousy term to settle the water problems in Kelantan. After that you can vote PAS again if you want..

It's the rainy season ... wow.... it reminds me of the moonsoon season in Kuching...the sky is always grey....floods along the roads and kampongs.. There's a difference tho... Floods in Kuching are usually caused by the rain water and overflowing rivers... in Kota Bharu floods in town are usually caused by the drainage system which is ... non existent..!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Babies all around..!!

With marriage you will get instant additional family. My other half's sister had a daughter late last year.. she's growing up so fast..!! The best thing is she is such a happy child.. smiling at the mere mention of her name.... umairah - the red one..!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Okay... this blog have been inactive for a loong time.... Lots of things have happened... In October 2010 i finally got married..

Mazuin got married too...!!!

The rioting case is proven - the accuseds have to enter their defence... that would be interesting indeed..

The Sani Ekspress case is proven - the driver (accused) have to enter his defence too.... wonder what he will say...

Of course there's another accident case that may end up with a charge...

Moved to a new rented house right smack in the middle of Ipoh..

Moved to a new office at 4th floor of SUK building..!!!

Trying to sell my car....

Got into the Istana's compound & Balairong seri...

Got a pingat...!!! (that will be a new posts..)

Hmmm.. will update again later..... Certainly life is full & I'm looking forward to whatever will be...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pudu Jail

Read about the fall of Pudu prison wall in the papers today. Just now i read someone's FB talking proudly about being held in remand at the prison for taking part in an illegal assembly...!! Bangga giler dia... ada akai ka? tak suka, tak suka..!! Aku rasa macam dia mencemarkan kenangan bapaku di sana..

Yupp..!! My father spend 3 years in death row in Pudu jail after the Bintang Tiga rebellion. He and friends were charged and convicted for murder and rioting in Raub Pahang. Some people refer to the incident as the 'Batu Malim riot'. Fortunately his appeal to the Privy Council was allowed and he was set free.

He was detained there for defending this beloved country.. going against the Bintang Tiga's army bent on terrorising and driving away the people in their quest to take over this country. He spilled his blood for the nation..!! In my eyes, my father is a real hero..!!

That's my sis with my 85 years young father....